Caged Women (1992, Uncut) DVDRip Lang: English | Subs: No | avi | XviD @ ~y 1: 700x474 @ 1700 Kbps 1:29:42 | 1,14 Gb Genre: Action, Thriller, Exploitation | Italy, Spain | Release Date: 1996 (USA)

Here we desire a prime example of a women-in-prison film. None of the upright ingredients is missing: shower scenes, the lesbian prison guard, sexual make an ill use of of th>e prisoners, unlawful imprisonment, staff murdering inmates, etc. We on the same level have a good guy and a happy ending.

owever, this pellicle is way over the top, increasing the sleaze factor enormously, and having not the slightest proneness to tell a believable story. For example, both the sexual harm and the unlawful killings are organised: the women are first auctioned to the highest bidder, afterwards let loose in the jungle, then hunted down, then raped, and then killed. Come to think of it, this is actually one of the additional believable elements of this prison system. Although superficially the film is a great deal of more exploitative (more sex and more violence) than even the usual genre entries by the likes of Cirio H. Santiago, Jack Hill, or Jess Franco, the viewer is evermore aware that none of this is serious and that turns it on every side of, it makes it less nasty. Do not get me wrong: this is not a comedy, and it does not bear any unintentional laughs either; but it is noticeably tongue-in-cheek. IMDB NB! All existing DVDs of this pellicle are just VHS transfers. So, keep it in mind!


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